Nathan’s been an illustrator for 25 years, based at the Centrespace studio co-operative in the heart of Bristol. Nathan Daniels' work is based on a strong narrative, bringing life and a lot of character to any subject. With experience across all fields, his strikingly graphic and engaging work has been used in advertising, marketing, design, children’s, online and assets for animation. He is also an editorial veteran, and with a lot of newspaper work under his belt, is particularly deadline battle hardened. One of the strangest places you’ll see his work is on hand towel dispensers in toilets across the world. Clients include newspapers (The Guardian, The Washington Post, The Mirror and Financial Times), many many magazines (longest regular contribution: 15 years), Design clients including BBC, BT, Mars, VW, The Post Office, Tork (Sweden), Nescafe, Budget car Insurance, GlaxoSmithKline , Just Retirement and American Express. Also storyboard work for Aardman and the BBC. Also produces artwork and toolkits to be animated for title sequences, web films/games and Adverts



Nathan Daniels