Olga Weber is an internationally recognised fashion illustrator from Munich, Germany. Her repertoire includes creating elegant, vibrant fashionistic figures and lifestyle illustrations for Ad Agencies and leading Brands around the world. Olga works traditionally before producing her artwork digitally in Adobe Illustrator or Procreate and occasionally finishing in watercolour for her clients. Olga has a wide ranging reputation for for some of the elite clients in the Health, Beauty and Fragrance sectors and she enjoys creating feminine illustrations that set brands apart from the standard photography.She has created illustrations for Live events, clothing, magazines, book covers, packaging and advertising and joins Lemonade to build on her success and even expand her clients across all Fashion and Beauty markets. Her clients include: Chloé, Belle Ikat, Penguin Randomhouse, Ferrero, Bastei Lübbe, Seven Beauty, Glamour, Fate & Fortune Magazine, L'Oreal and Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Olga Weber