Fabio Sardo, is a leading Italian illustrator based from his studio in Milan. He has been working for several years in the field of Children's Picture books, e-Learning and middle grade books. Fabio is known for his bright, playful and minimalist illustrations. He graduated from the school of comics in Milan. Fabio has also expanded his Illustration work to feature simple animations for Corporate and Educational markets and he joins Lemonade to bring a wider and fresh audience to his award-winning style of illustration. Clients include : Fatatrac, Feltrinelli, DeaPlaneta, Mondadori, Editrice il Castoro, Lapis edizioni, Pearson Education ,Rizzoli, Giunti Publishing, Eli Publishing, Zanichelli, Cideb Blackcat, RCS Libri, DeAgostini Scuola

Fabio Sardo