Emma Bowen is an award winning, comceptual illustrator and brand designer based in Manchester, England. Her graphic style predominately has a narrative or a clever concept behind it but it can also be very decorative with the sophisticated use of colours. Her innovative conceptual illustrations are reflective of her own personal life experiences, as women, travel, art and music feature heavily in her designs and offer up constant inspiration. Emma’s style is always evolving, expanding and contnuing to grow her portfolio with the help of her agent partners, Lemonade illustration agency. Her artwork often features a bright, harmonious colour palette,wih lots of texture, simplistic shapes and sharp shadows which give the images extra impact. Emma works primarily digitally and her graphic style and compositions work ( equally ) seamlessly with animation or Print. She is fast gaining a reputation in industry circles serving some of the biggest names in Branding, Book Publishing and Magazines. Clients include; Adobe, Beats by Dre, Arla Foods, Women in Print, Harrods, Boots, Walgreens and Piece & Quiet.

Emma Bowen